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We can no longer be placid in our approach to dealing with issues of Racism, Rape, Domestic Violence and Unfairness all around the world. It’s time to ACT NOW!
I have felt very overwhelmed recently by the ugliness of Racism, Rape, Domestic Violence and Unfairness through different happenings world wide and the sudden spike in the number of cases of rape against women and the hearth breaking news of rape against little girls of less than 4years in my Nigerian society back home needless to mention the continuous rise in the cases of Domestic Abuse and unfair treatment of women from my black background. I told some close friends recently how tired and overwhelmed I have become ranting and talking to my community of how important it has become that we stop the ugliness of RRDVU (Racism, Rape, Domestic Violence and Unfairness)now. So instead of talking, I have decided to turn to art to commence a series of campaigns themed “SAY NO TO RRDVU ACT NOW! “
The tee on pre-order was designed with one of my art work titled “THE GANG” – A recycled Ankara fabric & gouache paint mixed media featuring 3 stern faces with different skin tone standing together and saying “we will not budge”
The profits from the campaign will go towards paying for school fees for children of select widows whom I currently support . My mum became a widow very early in her life (my dad died when she was 36yrs) and I watched my mum pawn every prized possession my dad ever gave her in her struggle to raise us. So you can see I know how it feels to be in the situation some of these women are and the temptation to give out their children as helps to others to help raise them.
This is not the time to be placid about the issues of RRDVU. ACT NOW!
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