IDIA Ancient African Inspired A2 Giclée Art Print in Black


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IDIA JUST GOT BIGGER, BOLDER and more BEAUTIFUL in this A2 size acid free Giclée wall art print.

  • Ancient African art/historical wall art 
  • Inspired by popular Queen Idia Niyesigie ancient Benin kingdom original bronze cast exhibited at London’s British museum. 
  • According to history of ancient Benin, Queen IDIA was a woman of royalty, believed to be metaphysical. She gave a voice to other women at a time when women didn’t have a say in the Oba’s court. History has it that IDIA averted the fall of an entire kingdom by using her wisdom and metaphysical powers against a joint plot by one of the Oba’s heir and outside.
  • IDIA’s print will serve as a great feminist figure representation.
  • Crafted for modern day art enthusiast to provide a deeper meaning when viewed through the eyes of contemporary African art/history lovers.
  • Giclée Acid free paper with enhanced matt finish for longevity of the artwork
  • Available in Black and White print options to suite light and dark walls/backgrounds.
  • A2 sized
  • Created and Printed ethically in the UK
  • Fits 50 X 70cm with mount, 42 x 60cm without mount

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  1. Dot Norenberg

    Your dedication and passion resonate in every paragraph you pen. It’s absolutely commendable.

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